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    giaindex-enI request to those who see this, to read it completely and respond positively

    Dear ones,

    Past a few months I was posting many topics in Social Networks. By seeing this, the readers were not aware that, I have some specific aim and I was trying to say some thing.. I was on the trial to make a matured platform, by posting and connecting through these vivid subjects. So without making more delay, let me explain it.

    World is on the verge of threat to extinction. Environ is turning to be unstable. The oil availability drains off drastically. The distribution of food becomes a chaos. Economy damps down; So many unknown diseases are newly generating up.. The terrorism and wars have been spreading all over the world, locally and globally. Cultural degradation increasing heavily, than all these, non man made, calamities by the cosmos are also storming towards us..

    After facing and knowing all these , we live only for making money.. The social responsibility of an Indian ends after extending some of his cultural activities. It will not be suffice, in any way, to face the situation.. We don’t have many decades or years, but only days.. Most of us live in comfort zones by thinking that what if every thing are ending.. The issue starts there that every thing will not end..

    Many world civilizations and societies have begun to establish eco villages and sustainable communities, to over ride the catastrophes. There are more than 2500 sustainable communities (ic.org) started working all around. In India there is only one Eco Township (auroville.org) and it is run by mostly non indians..

    Eco villages are sustainable living models. As life is holistic and integrated, the life in the eco villages will have the basic perspectives and life practices, accordingly. (This is the reason for the vivid nature of my posts). Eco villages are completely self reliant, independent and sustainable.

    But in a country like India, to face the catastrophes, a one faced solution like eco village cannot do much for the entire society. What can we do then? We should have a model along with a multi-faced practical vision to meet the requirements of the individuals, groups / families, existing hamlets / villages etc. The nation would be able to sustain only if we execute in it as if in an emergency situation. Then only the next generation can even see the world.

    Ideologies, politics and religions might have ruled us so far. But those cannot support us in this scenario. The hard earned money also cannot support us. The only way is to forget every thing of the past, and unite every ones to go further together. I know very well that the false ego, lack of loyalty and unlimited logical thinking of our people would block the willingness to begin up all these.. so I don’t insist or impose any body to be in the group which I lead,, .But I request you all to move quickly in to a possible stream of sustainable life without spending time for discussing or enquiring the possible solutions..

    I summon those who are willing to do a bit, to begin with a comment under this. Those who need clarifications may call me. Those who can cooperate may join hands. Spread this note to as many people you can and share this document on your wall also.

    with green salutes,

    Dr. Santhosh Olympuss
    0091 – 9497628007 , 9497628006
    Greencross Foundation India & Nepal

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