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    Born in 1971, at Tattamangalam, Palakkad, Kerala, South India, as the first son of a teacher couple, grown and learnt in local schools. At the age of 9, He established a children s science group and at the age of 15 th, when he lost many Friends after the high school education, he realized the cause of the lost and he planned out the community life under the science center, but he had to wait till 1994, till he could get a job to gain freedom to go away from home.

    In 1994 he established the First Eco Commune in Chennai, TamilNadu and mean time he could Realize, what ecosophy and Deep Ecology are all about. In 1997 he shifted the commune to Kerala. Till 2004 the commune grown to have 12 members in house. By the time some local issues came up related to the some environmental related protests and all the activities including 3 neighborhoods etc, collapsed. There he began to travel around south india, with his disciple Ponni Olympaue.

    In 2004 again he re established the commune in the form of an Ecosphical Gurukula, to clearly mention that This commune and the wisdom and praxes they have  were based on Cognitive and Governess Hierarchy. Now he is well known in the Web media and has many students and disciples from various parts of the wold.

    From 2004, ponni is his pair and they have reasoned for 2 kids, Prapancha Olympaue and Prajna Olympaue.

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