• Behind Olympuss

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    In the making of Olympuss
    Ptalob, a children’s science & cultural centre started in 1981 at Tattamangalam has people who work in the area of Ecology, Deep ecosophy, holistic education, naturopathy sustainable agriculture, Eco-Spiritual life etc based on the Olympuss Doctrine. They have been functional for about 20 years now.

    The Community
    Olympuss, as community, consisting of around 5 members, has students in and outside India. They run the organisations like Greencross group Nepal, and Greencross foundation India. Apart from that we have an internet journal called www.ecosight.org. We also have a youth Campuss centre called Campus Green.

    The Community is working from Tattamangalam, Palakkad as its centre. It is a small tiled house of 70 years It functions as a commune named Navadothra Gurukula, by correlating with concepts of Neo Tribal Ventures arising world wide and  Intentional Communities / Global Ecovillage Network

    Gurukulam has the sole source of income from

    1. The Green (Wind Powered) web hosting programme using NiMuki Web Frame, through the IT Community run by our volunteers.
    2. The Eco Oriented Personality / Life/ Institutional management practices called Q-Life.
    • Due to lack of man power and time, both of these sources are almost mute. 
    1. For the regional / localized activities, Students find their own income .
    2. Those readers and followers who are in the social media now, have also contributed some amount..
    • We do not accept other funds from any external agencies or communities.

    Setting out
    We have here a philosophy which is complete in practical theory and planning for guiding the entire world for a sustainable life. Yet we do not have the people who would make this practical. IT is the duty of every human being to make this practical. Hence we warmly invite you to be part of us.

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