• Blue Circle

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    1. Navagothra Gurukula Eco Commune (For those who wants to study, get trained and practice)
      Common community living arrangement for those who wants to learn, take up training and practise at Olympuss.  It was established in 1994 in Chennai (Madras) . Having worked in kerala from 1997 till 2002 and having travelled for about four years, we work now in the new name of “NAva  Gothra Gurukulam”. Olympus work from this space at present. This space will continue as the platform for interaction between  members of Olympuss, both staying inside and out of the Campus, at the time Olympuss acquires a space of its own.
    2. NeoTribe Occupational Village (For those who are professionals with green thoughts)
      This is designed from within the limited possibility of the mainstream professional life to accommodate those who are socially committed and also have a professional  aspect. It includes individuals and communities.Those who have interest in environment issues can dedicate their time which is not affected by their own work in order to develop their taste and cultivate new social commitments. It is a Nature based commercial project. Those young minds interested in environment perspective and social commitment mover in virtue become part of Social reformative process while finding and maintaining their own means of living. Since they earn monthly income they can be part of Olympuss without destabilising their existing professional social life. This started in 2008 and it working through tele-commute from among the minimum members it have managed so far. This sub-plan is supposed to be shifting to our own campus by 2014. We intends to create more than 50 employment opportunities each financial year by then.
    3. Navagothra Green School (For the children)
      This is the alternate Green school for the children who choose Olympuss.  It is functional now in the name of holiday parallel school. It has only a few students now. It will be converted to a full time Green school when Olympuss has its own campus.
    4. Neo Tribe Eco Farm (Those who live in Olympus Campus)
      In a natural sustainable agriculture lifestyle, need a system to work and cultivate food products and other items. This is intended for that. There will be income from the volunteers and visitors including those who come to live here. It will not make income by marketing the products.
    5. NeoTribe Sacred Forest (For the species other than human beings.)
      It has to be maintained in the blue circle as a Sacred Grove. 33% of the total area of “Blue Circle” is kept for this purpose. Humans are allowed to enter only in the meditation-study halls of this part. Olympuss insists that, Not only this specific area of wilderness, there should be 33% of area reserved for woods in any projects that starts in “Blue Circle”. 



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