• Brown Circle

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    1. Greencross Foundation Center for Ecosophy and Deep Ecology (For the benefit of the society)
      This is the formal organizing centre of all the projects of Olympuss. The Realizateures of Olympuss are Leading this. It is also an ecological research and Green Charitable Institution. This is non funded, non profit, and not for profit.
    2. Olympuss Sustainable Life Style (For the benefit of individuals)
      This is a lifestyle that helps maintain the healthy peaceful and blissful(happy) state of Body ,mind, Individuality, wisdom, relationships, nature/social connections while living at the different parts of the world. Any body those who follow Olympuss may use it fully or partially. A Very little  practice it fully and less than hundred people practice it partially worldwide.
    3. Olympuss Gramodaya (Rising Village) (For Local Societies)
      The social activists and students, who are aware of the the holistic social life and the philosophy of Olympuss are welcome to help others in their locality within their existing family structure to become the sel;f reliant sustainable inter-blissful society through mind and lifestyle. Thus, this project aims at developing a society without the possible issues of environment economic and domestic turbulence. By studying Olympuss, any individual can practice this method, in its possible form, any where in the world. . It is not an obstacle to belong to different parts of the world. This model draws from Gandhian Swaraj and The system of “Tharakkoottam (Neighbourhood Foundation Stones of a one world) put forward by Sri Pankajaakshakkurup. Though it is not continued due to the scarcity of resources, this project has proved one of potential.
    4. Campus Green ((For the benefit of students, professionals and activists)
      This is a group of volunteers working in educational institutions and organisations. It is envisioned that there should be a local resource section in each campus and its results have to reach the specific rural locality around it.
    5. Environmental (Eco)  Literacy (For the benefits of Legislators to Laymen)
      The established views on Environment which is structured in a commercial way does not offer a sustainable future. This realisation is the basis of an attempt to bring together all sectors from the ruling class to the working class. For the earth to sustain after two more decades, we visualize that the entire humanity is to practice this. This needs to reach the regional societies through the members who have gone through direct practice from Olympuss. (There is a similar but big organization  running  a similar program in California these days) As of now we are conducting this program in various university campuses and socio – cultural organisations, in Kerala.
    6. Q Life (For those who look forward for a successful life)
      Q-Life is a Management Training program intended for those who would love to live a nature oriented and  at the same time focus on a successive life. Success and failure of life is directly connected to the laws of nature and universe. Hence through the theoretical & practical learning practices of Olympuss, such windows of success gets opened in front of them.The contributions from the students of Q-Life is one of the means of living of Olympuss.
    7. Nimuki Green (Wind powered) Websites ( For the internet users with environmental concern)
      Nimuki is the fastest website  framework developed by the IT commune which is a green Vocational Project under Olympuss. Nimuki  is known for the least consumption of network and is hosted on wind powered servers, which are completely pollution free. The revenue from NiMuKi is one of the means of living of Olympuss.
    8. Olympuss Eco Hamlet  / Centre (For the benefit of those who execute model Projects)
      Eco hamlet is a small community which consists of one or more families, employment / production / market projects and socio mutual centers. It should not be part of the central projects of Olympuss. This can be initiated at any centre which the followers of Olympuss own. Olympuss thinks it essential to start Eco hamlets at all villages within the next five years to set an example for the humanity on how and where  to deviate from the imminent dangers and degeneration.
    9. Other non specific projects (For the public)
      Apart from what have been told so far, each village should have eco communities, eco homes, eco offices, eco employment centres, eco cultural centres as models and sites of hope.
    10. Gramodaya Private Forest (For the green world that Olympuss envisages.)
      Gramodaya private forest is artificial woods that followers of Olympuss may start to cultivate in their own regions.  Issues related to its protection can be handled by the co operation of the olympuss followers staying nearby. This platform is to perform private investment with social commitment and it should be opened for persons for learning purpose or for serving purpose only.

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