• Do good, but with sense

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    Well, do good, but with sense
    have sense of all means..

    Olympuss says about Gia..
    This doctrine is base don ecosophy
    ecology+ philosophy
    ecology is the science of the environment
    philosophy is the love+sense
    love is an emotion
    sense is a capability of organic body
    in human, it has the flavour of an internal dibate
    both sense and the debate are called logic
    the good hearts stive to set back the environ
    and many sing it as a fasion
    because its intellectuals symbol
    also summoning for the self sustainability
    if i need to survive, i need plants to survive
    earth to survive..
    the formula is nice to see..
    but dont u feel an incompatability?
    we individuals live among individuals and we measure every thing as individual entities
    we know the connection between our lungs and oxygen
    we know the connection between lungs and blood
    but we dont know the connection between we and the plant, the direct connection between our mind, emotion and a plants emotion
    for us earth is a platform for all
    the mixture of every thing around.
    poetically we call it mother
    while composing the song for her also,
    we dont logically agree that she has alife
    Gia is organic.
    If you can shut douwn your logic for a while
    and if you can witness the emotions of the gia, and out extended self in the gia,
    the heart will harmonically dance with her
    and she will dance with you.
    this is the monotony of your holistic self
    Olympuss is an insight of one to experience the monotony
    by making this sense alive,
    we plan out an eco state
    personally, societal, planetarily and cosmically
    we have functions and roles to pla.
    that we can play together..
    if you can practice this LIFE STYLE, its well and good.
    if you can spread the light around your village will be great
    if you can be a modelto the nation, its amazing.
    if you can become a source of insights, you will make the world.
    choose your option, where you need to reach
    and according to the state of your body mind and wisdom
    welcome to olympuss!!!!!


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