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    quill_penGreen Salutes,

    The very fact that you are reading this means you are one of them who are concerned about the permanence and sustenance of human species.

    Greencross Foundation Centre for Ecosophy and Deep-Ecology is a formal institution for Researching and spreading notions of Olympuss.

    We pass through a span that of a high momentum in life by thoughts and gadgets. We do much even by not thinking about what undermine. Though we are prejudiced that we knew everything, We try to run as fast than that of the society,

    Nature as such may not face any danger as may occur to the human species since the nature has its own ways of mending and readjusting changes. Such readjustment may wipe out human existence from the face of the earth. There are many attempts at different parts of the world to resist such a fate. Olympuss Sustainable Life praxes (advocated by Greencross foundation and Navagothra Society) based on Olympuss ecosophical doctrine  is the one such attempt from the southern part of India.

    This book intends at giving the reader a basic idea on the sustainable lifestyle that Olympuss advocates along with its practicality and its adaptability for each individual in their own life. This is also a request to join this world as a relative and practically involve with Olympuss in whatever manner you think is possible.

    Salutes again

    Your relatives in Olympuss..

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