• Green Circle

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    1. Olympuss Eco Village (For an ideal and sustainable life)
      The Earth which is our platform and the nature is receiving continual shocks from us. Eco village is an artificially created human ecosystem which aims at creating a life which minimises such negatives and prioritise the concept of living itself. It is a combined  attempt to regain the wisdom and traditional knowledge that we have developed in the process of human development. It is walking into the fascinating protection of a commune life from the partial individual existence. It is walking with the entire humanity, plants, bird and animals as well as natural phenomena. It is rich with the eco friendly houses, tools, creation of alternate energy sources, alternative  education , alternative medical system, alternative constructions, sustainable agricultural processes, natural spiritual education, celebrations, music, dance, meditation,  practice for living in the outside world and community living. Ecovillages in general stand for celebration of life as against the common trend of trying to find a job for living and then ending up living for the job.The spiritual thoughts here are completely above religion.This is widest among the plans that Olympuss envisages. Having lived for two decades with theoretical understanding and experience in green living with others, The Realizations of Olympuss, now looking for the green hearts and resources to make this Green life possible.
    2. Olympuss Hermitage (For the dedicated truth seekers)
      The monastery designed for those who have completely dedicated their means of search for wisdom and performance of duties to the way of Olympuss is to be completely self reliant. Olympuss insists that this Monastery should be completely self reliant and grid free.
    3. Olympuss Sacred Forest (For other living beings)
      It has to be maintained inside the Campus of Olympuss as a green woody land and has to be kept as a space where humans do not have entry. Olympuss maintains that it has to be around 66% of the entire haritha chakram. Restricted entry for humans are allowed as follows: for the dedicated members of olympuss on pournami for the local community on the day of Buddha Purnima.

    Almost all of the above mentioned programs are tried out by Olympuss itself by and large. When it is practised in a large scale the result will be much better.We have here only the theoretical aspects of what it takes to make it practical. To make it a large system, we need more people with their consciousness range and the resources including finance..Please extend your hands in this regard. The materialistic development of this projects should not be an obstacle in accepting it . Try to do the best and gain as much as is possible. This is to be taken as the requirement of new generations and hence not just a need of the people who advocate it but this is to be seen as the need for all. 


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