• How Olympuss is to be?

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    The green world that Olympuss envisages must be brought into reality through various methods of study.

    Olympuss learning.
    The first stage is learning itself. There is a structured syllabus to learn Olympuss. NavaGothra (NeoTribe) Gurukula  is a permanent abode for its theoretical, practical and ritualistic studies and Practice. This is where the Realizateures of Olympuss reside.

    Prelusory, Expondary, Immersory, Dedicatory and Completiory etc are the Levels to learn  Olympuss. One can attain the awareness level as per one’s readiness of mind, body, natural being and destiny.

    A learner may get acquainted to various dimensions of this system through consistent participation in specific plenums. After the plenum, through the work that they do with dedication in the Gurukulam and its projects they attain other stages of development. Olympuss eco saint is the transcendental state of awareness that they attain after all the five levels of study. That need not be attainable for all those who come and participate in the project.

     The Preliminary Practical Programs:
    The Eco State (Eco Nation)
    Olympuss put forth is a practical step towards the goal.. This State is not one with political distinctions. It will gain different forms and different ways to reach all the sect of the society. It can be divided into three as per the social nature it contains.

    1. “Earthen Circle” (the colour of earth)
    is one state which is entirely social in nature. It has to be practiced among the society, by the social representatives  to address social issues. These projects will have only conceptual connections with the direct campuses of Olympuss.
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    2. “Blue Circle” (The color of the Pure Sky)
    accomplishes itself within the campus of Olympuss by the followers of Olympuss With social participation observing  specific permanent life rules .
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    3. “Green Circle” (Color of green worn earth )
    is completely based on the dedicants of Olympuss.
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