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    Olympuss Community Living You must have heard of community living by Gandhiji and Sri Narayana Guru etc. Community living is the collective share and care execution of the whole human functions except defecation and sex practiced by people of higher social consciousness. Military camps, Scouts guide camps, Ashrams, NSS volunteers, students of teaching, medical and management etc. participate occasionally in group living camps. Until recently, the celebrations in our villages used to a bear a community living character. A reminder of the prosperity oriented life during the Gothra period, co-operation and social hamony are all part of the community living. However the originality and aim of the community living has been lost due to the protocols of egoistic individualism prevalent now.

    Olympuss Sahavasam

    Intentional community living and fellowships are practical as contemporary answers to the fear of extinction of the system of community living. Since 1997, such camps were functioning in Kerala centered around Olympuss. (For details see below). Though there are only 7 Permanent residents, 4 adults and 3 children at present, lot of people from different fields like environment, eco spirituality, spirituality, rationalism, communes, group living , philosophical, social activists, Swaraj followers etc come for the 2nd Saturday congregation. Many come as and when they are free. Olympuss functionaries are happy that those visiting repeatedly are spreading the message in their households and villages. Time is not far when more and more people from the background of the ensuing environmental, social, cultural and economic crisis participate in short community living programs (Sahavasms) to learn and adopt a new sustainable lifestyle. This aspect is giving more relevance to the Olympuss Sahavasms. Olympuss is not proposing a lifestyle based on any value-based ideology, but evolved from the nature centric, natural laws based comprehensive vision, in all ways. Hence for getting awareness and training on a comprehensive and a happy mutual living, keep aside two days in a month. Know and spread the knowledge, help your friends and acquaintances to reach to the path of sustainability. Welcome.

    Venue: Navagothra Gurukulam, Neelikkad Thathamangalam.

    Dates and timing: All second Saturdays 9.30 in the morning to 3.30 Pm on Sunday afternoon.

    Programs: Mutual introductions, Group Studies, Trainings, Meditation, Group Procedures, Shared functions of group living, Parenting, Celebrations, Discussions, Planning, Plays/ performing arts, Sharing Experiences and many more like them.

    Responsibilities of Participants:

    1. Participants are family members and not guests from the time they arrive and till they leave.
    2. None are guests, become hosts.
    3. Leave aside all ego based presumptions.
    4. Do not apply general judgments on anybody or anything in the commune.
    5. Open your mind and be conscious about the new experience you are gaining.
    6. This is the first step to crating a new world.
    7. Participate and contribute to the group activities as per your ability and capacity rather than be mere spectators.
    8. Make friendship with everybody without any hitches and share all jobs, food, knowledge, and friendships and care for everybody, every organisms and everything around.


    1. Minimum 3 days income of a month be shared with Gurukulam for the expenses there.
    2. On the basis of a minimum income of Rs 3000 per month, the minimum has been fixed at Rs 300.
    3. There is no compulsion for payment for those who are jobless. All members of a family may not be working. Hence those who are earning more can share more to compensate.
    4. Those who are not able to participate can share their ability or a minimum equivalent to one day’s participation fee.
    5. Again, it is the willingness, not compulsion.

    History of Sahavasm programs so far:

    1. 1981 – Born as Student’s Science club.
    2. 1990 – Formed in to Nature Club.
    3. 1994 – Beginning of a Commune living in Chennai.
    4. 1997 – Shifting base to Thathamangalam, Palakkad, Kerala.
    5. 1998 – Started opening of the center for two days, second Saturdays and Sundays for Commune (Sahavasm) programs.
    6. 2002 – For the purpose of reorganization, stops the permanent and monthly commune (sahavasms).
    7. 2006 – Commune reconstituted at Kalladikkoe in Palakkad dist. By the name Navagothra Gurukulam.
    8. 2009 – Shifted Gurukulam to Thathamangalam again.
    9. 2012 – Reorganised the monthly communes on second Saturdays and Sundays.

    There were about 12 people from local and distant places in the first stage of commune based on Olympuss Vision. However, the time lapse of 8 years to reorganize had shrunken the numbers to just 3 and there seems to be a hesitation in pursuing a commune life. (Social Scientists attribute this Phenomenon to the growing individualistic outlook in Keralites).

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