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    springhand2Let us begin with the example of a creeper plant. Look at the way it grows with its own natural sense of getting in touch with other things or beings. Does it have any eyes on its own? Life science defines the phenomena as tropism with its limited knowledge as regards life.

    This is the invisible but transcendental ways in which nature functions. In human beings also it is enigma that we extend our hand to the area where we feel like scratching. Sometimes the living beings function with an amazing interconnectedness as a unique body. This same interconnected existence is there in between humans and plants. We need to be aware that there are actions beyond what human logic can possibly understand. This is what the example of plant we talked about earlier remind us. They communicate to everything around them, not just to the adjacent beings. Without a willingness to understand this sense,  the human are being prejudiced on his limited acquired knowledge. He hesitates to accept plants as the part of even into the biological society..

    Now lets start loving the near and distant plants as we do our distant and near relatives; the same way we love people at our home, cast, community and nation. The plants will recognise our love. They will respond to us within their limitations. Beyond the poetic illustration of romanticism and immaturity which portraits the umbilical relationship between human and nature, this is only a beginning of a familiarizing process to the knowledge that the entire organic phenomenons are the different manifestation of a unique reality.


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