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    Lekshmi Priya Asks in a FB Chat

    According to the principles of Natural Life is there a life after death exists?

    I Replied
    i am not clear how natural life explains it. but what Olympus says only i can say

    According to Olympuss, the life which we experience is a segment of the universal life. The “Current Life” is the synthesis of so many elements which consist in our body. Those were not ours and will not be ours. But we proudly believe that we are Us..

    After the death of an entity, even this synthesis would disintegrate and merge with other universal elements. At this time what we left (any thing objective or subjective) here will be remnant as a “memoriam” and causes to so many initiations in the cosmos. That Memorium also would merge in this cosmic walk, by taking much time. The memoriam made by those who make history would persist for long, else with 4-5 generations it would completely merge with the cosmic walk..

    This can be considered as spirit which has life.. When we know it clearly, we can sense that the myths are some old understandings and interpretations.. Hope the picture is getting clearer

    So, we to value our life.. Its the life of the cosmos, (a believer can call it god). The life we should learn with experience. With so many practicalities we can experience it, Emotionally also we can, Spiritually too.. The synthesis is the Real Knowledge.. In Olympuss, we experience it.

    And I welcome you to become a part and experience..

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