• Saving Tigers

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    Saving Tigers is a Symbol. Saving Tigers is Saving Forests, Saving Nature, Saving the Living Kind, Saving Human!!
    The conventional conservation methods by the state and academy have their own strategies and surely it would serve the purpose a bit. Advocacy among the masses on this issue like this campaign also will work out.. Spreading the photos of poaches would give pain to all the green hearted people for sure. Opposing the issues by the Activists, Hunting the Poachers, Wild Life laws… Several great opposing mechanisms!!! But is this suffices to bell the cat?

    Then what should be done?
    We should think deep. We should feel deep. We should know deep and we should become deep. (Pls refer the word DEEP ECOLOGY) . Holding the intention by Imaginating a positive picture of a calm, balanced, sathwik environmental mutual life should be evolved. The personal logical paradigm on the INDIVIDUALISTIC WORLD VIEW should be re written.

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