• The Sub Conscious Revolution in Personal Life

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    The Sub Conscious Revolution in Personal Life (This article is to be translated fully..)

    The majority of the society wish to make the life as they intent. We think that if every thing happen in the other way round than it happened in the yesterdays and we believe that some thing, some where to be corrected. Our confusions begin where we don’t understand where and what to be corrected.. Those who discriminate the self as the thng and space to be corrected, would begin to win.. And those who try their best to correct sincerely and do the deeds to be done, win.. And those who are being ignorant to it, live , some times, till the end of the life, without knowing what it is and there is such a state.. Yes Like a Musk deer, the one we look for is only inside us..

    The Basic Character of any Organic System is Self Maintenance. This Universe itself is Such an Organic System. All the known and Unknown Elements of this Universe are the CELLS of that Organic System. A System uses to maintain itself by taking any needed THINGS (Concept, Object or Subject) from its Internal & External Environments.. The Nature will distribute on a reachable space, any thing needed by a system, which persists with an awareness/ sense that it is a part of the Integrated system of the Univese.. As the hand scratch when an itching sensation comes to the body, the said auto distribution is an involuntary response (Reflex). But to have a manifestation of this involuntery response, as the body and hand, the body and Nature should be unique, or those should be uniquely correlated.. (to be continued)

    Futures Blue Print
    Life is a sequence of Past, Present and Future. You know pretty well that these three stages of (the stream of universal expansion\’s) time are mutually correlated. The distribution of time is not in an unidirectional pattern, as the effect is the resultant of a cause. Due to the same reason, for a cause, the effect too causes . The universal distribution has patterned like that. Every system of the nature mutually & uniquely correlated unless it detaches by itself beyond time. (We will have to understand that the universe is the greater synthesis of all these known and unknown systems.That is, all the systems are the organs of the body of the nature). This distribution would be beneficial for the systems which do not decline or would be aware about this distribution. All animates live without worrying about tomorrow are the ones which do not disagreeing with this, though it has not made it as a subject of its intelligence. Due to this the tomorrow would happen according to the need of that entity. The nature would have written specific instructions (programmes) inside that entity. (In the current scenario mankind has started limitedly inventing such a laws from Genome Mapping etc., by the so called Modern Science!!!). Primarily we shall understand that the said pre – written instructions are like the pre-drawn blue print of a building or a project. So how would be the blue print, so will be the future of the the entity system, who owns the blue print. (To Be continued)

    Deficient Conviction of Human 
    In the case of human, there comes some defects on his convictions about the fore said unique correlation. This deficient conviction tend him even to negate with his unique correlation with nature. A sense is being deep rooted in him that the human intelligence is relevant than the natures intelligence. When he disagrees the nature\’s distribution, due to the said reasons, he will have to earn his future by labour. The Easy Phase of Life becomes alien for him once for ever. On the other hand, those who overcome these defects, succeed in their life.. The more the distance increases between these two classes, The more the possibility for classes & class wars.. Social life becomes more impure….

    (To Be continued)
    The discussion in FB

    KM Musthaf asked on December 19, 2013 at 9:18pm
    Dear Santhosh Olympuss, you said, paradigm or genetical mapping can be shifted by subconscious revolution…That means destiny or fate can be changed in higher species by a well designed programming …It also means KARMA PHALA can be altered by reducing the STOCKS ,accumulated from past?

    I need a few more clarification:

    1.A man identifies his duality from nature and determines to change towards unity.Is this determination also from his paradigm or genetical mapping?
    2.See,I opened the facebook ,saw your article and went through it .Was it my will or choice?Or thechoice of my genitical mapping.Many of friends did not read this article.Was it their action or the reaction of their mapping?

    I answered
    Paradigm is not genetic mapping.. genetic mapping / coding (whichever u meant ) is inherent and it fixes the horizontal direction of the destiny. paradigm fixes the vertical direction of the destiny..

    AND there is a RIGHTNESS like SIZE RIGHTNESS for every being, All beings have the freedom to change any thing. But that freedom has a limit and that one is called RIGHTNESS.. that limit / criteria is fixed by the Trans system..

    =1..Determination determined by the Trans system, (and u can say that u can read it in ur getic code. but i don t believe that its actually written in genetic code..) But paradigm influences the destiny very well, as the paradigm / paradigm shift in a being is clearly influenced by the Trans system. the desire / consciousness of of a trans system is called the sub system’s destiny..

    =2.. Reading this article is also fixed by the destiny, and if my paradigm and desire / intentions tunes up, that also will add on towards the destiny.


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