• What for Olympuss is?

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    The present scenario  is full of chaotic state. There are lots of signs which are not appropriate for a balanced society.  To list a few, the gradual deterioration of eco balance , the extinction of species, the deterioration of agricultural life, Scary health culture,, an educated field which is far away from truth, turbulent job scene, non protective social environment, misunderstood  spiritual interpretations, a disruptive economic system, a governmental mechanism with no sense of justice, decreasing availability of energy resources, scattering social dependencies, vague concepts without awareness, increase in the loss of native knowledge, boasting romanticisation etc.

    In this social scenario,  we  have to  move towards a Green – Moral – Wise – Spontaneous civilization.. For this we need to gain a sustainable mutual life. It has to be healthy, wise, mutual, calm and in accordance with the tune of the universe, self reliant, decentralized, gravitated (oriented by guruthwa), hopeful, and imaginative. We had all these in our Tribal age. We could find many pitfalls when we learn about the tribal culture. If so, we need to reform a Tribal civilization with less pitfalls.  For that we must be able to make a Mutual self reliant sustainable green world.

    Beyond all current civilizations we should have a Neo Tribal system at least in our consciousness. conscience, we should be the part of it at least mentally.  we have to create a world without limitation; a world of love. The public should be able to link with it. The inmates of this tradition have be be able to gain a sustainable lifestyle if they belong to the rural areas and have to be able to bring a flavour of living vitality into the job scene if they lead a life in cities. The existing sense of division due to religion, race, language, culture, creed and gender have to be turned into a state of interdependence. Our motto should be love, interdependence and growth towards a green world.

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