• What is Olympuss?

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    Basically Olympuss is an ecosophy that explains in its way the life of the universe. At the same time, it is a lifestyle, a transformation from the limited knowledge of “I” to the broad view of “US” and from there to the awareness of the whole universe as the extended form of our entity. Olympuss is a philosophy, a community, a teaching, a de-education, a practise, a hope, an awareness, a feeling and a beingness. But Olympuss is not an object, nation, religion, individual politics, creed or argument.  Olympuss Doctrine introduces the laws of fundamental universal patterns though the explorations like, what is nature, what is universe, how is the universe distributed from the prime element to the universe, where do we belong in that, how do we move forward in the daily life, where is its permanence ,how can we make it sustainable and successful and  how far can it be taken forward.

    Olympuss believes that this notions have to be made part of our body language through basic practice. In this way Olympus makes the person aware of the basic nature of a person lying dormant or awakened  in him/her. Also Olympuss  helps one person to understand his / her capability to understand the nature and  the physical and functional limitation in him / her to understand it.

    Olympuss is a timely tool to get acquainted with the awareness and monotony. It does not claim to be the ultimate word in the awareness of or interpretation of the universe.  Olympuss also  welcomes  corrections and is ready to  accept the timely changes, and function with a clear  take on its  own retrieval at a world order where it has no further significance.

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