• Why Olympuss

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    The realizateures  of Olympuss have done needed researches on the theoretical & practical aspects of this essential lifestyle before they start preaching it. We are all aware of many issues in the society as we are all social beings..

    We encounter issues related to all aspects of life such as ecology, health, spirituality, culture, sexuality, religion, lifestyle, economy, education, agriculture, consumerism, production, energy, governance, nationality, population, individuality, management. We can see contradictions, mismatch or limitations in the way these issues are approached by many of the progressive human rights activists involved in solving such issues relevant for human beings. What we call social work is the interventions people make in resolving such problematic situations in any field in human society. There emerged social reformative institutions in human society from the very beginning of its culture. Most of them work with special focus on any one or two of the issues cited above. It has also brought many improvements in society as is expected of such activities. But sometimes they don’t cohere with or even establish a distant relation with the other field of activities or existing issues.

    Anyone with a holistic vision can understand the interconnection of everything in the universe. When we approach an issue , we have to take into account its connection with other issues around. When we approach issues related to health , it has to be approved that it has its connection with issues related to agriculture, economy, food, environment, education, and governance. It has repercussions in the perspectives, positions and strategies  / diplomacies, taken in these fields.  Hence it is clear that  addressing issues in one field in isolation wouldn’t do.

    As said earlier, everything in society is related. Hence it is not desirable to address issues in one dimensional approach. What we call system involves all the factors existing in one situation and its interdependence. Everything in the universe exist as systems. Organ is a system, which is an integral part of another system called the body. Similarly every system is a subsystem of the larger system that incorporates it. In that sense every system is holistic and inter related. Here, the issue that we have been talking about happens to the system. A holistic problem need attention in a holistic manner and demands practical project and problem resolutions which are, themselves holistic.

    If at all there is such a holistic vision it has to come from the visionary and from his/her insight. And if it has to be the public vision, it requires such awareness from the public and the culture has to facilitate it. It cannot be assumed that is imminent in the future of our society. In view of the trend in our governance mechanism and the public consciousness to practice only those projects which have to prove its success first,  it leaves only one way of doing it, it is to create new Corporeal models. Since it is in the view of holistic development, it cannot be done in a fixed time period. It prolongs generation after generation. When it is partial and applied in the present within the limitation of a geographical space, the reformative project has to be judged and made possible by the mass of that space. The mass is different in its perspectives, realisations, practical sense and consciousness. Hence it is desirable to conduct it according to the common basic needs which is to be decided through participation and discussion of the public and aims decided. Participatory Strategy Planning will help this process.

    Despite the accuracy and practicality of the project, it depends to a large extend on the availability of resources to make it a huge success. So the entire program has to be planned based on  the availability of resources. The achievement of the result of a functional project will be according to the congruence level of the vision, mission and the availability of resources.

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