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    Next Program opened for Registration : NeoTribal Eco Spiritual Fellowship

    A tribute to Mother Earth. If you feel we, the Humans have erred and need to correct our course to save ourselves, learn more deeply about the inter-connectivity of nature to all its beings including us and become prepared to spread the awareness….

    If you feel Save the Earth campaign need to be changed to Save Ourselves and our Future Generations because Nature’s Intelligence knows what best do for its sustainable continuity…..

    If you feel those systems and beings which do not conform to Natural Laws and systems will become extinct and better systems and beings will take over. Eco Spiritual Fellowship for those who are searching for answers.

    • Is there a better way to live happily and peacefully?
    • Is there a better way to enjoy your job as a passion?
    • Why relationships cannot be happier?
    • Is there a better economic principle than the present market based economy, where merits can score above money and power?
    • Is there a better monetary system than Debt Finance, where Money is less important than Man?
    • Is there a better way to live healthy and age gracefully?
    • Is there a better way to live toxic free?
    • Is there a better spirituality than religion, which fails to unite people?

    There are answers from within Ourselves and from Nature. Greencross Foundation helps you to explore the Ecospiritual connection between the two that can lead to Peace and Happiness in life. And for better humane professional skills for Leaders, Managers, Teachers and Trainers to understand human learning dynamics and balancing EQ, SQ and IQ.

    Eco Spiritual Fellowship
    As part of our Deep Ecological Literacy programs (http://olympuss.in/en/en-elp/ ), we have been conducting Deep Ecological Fellowships (Eco Spiritual Fellowships) in various districts of Kerala, for the past 18 months. We have done fellowships in Palakkad, Idukki, Tiruvananthapuram, Kozhikkod, Kottayam, Wayanad, Kollam, Kannur, Alappauzha, Thrissur & Kasargod. Our intention is to make Deep Ecological Literacy among the mass by providing them the deeper experiences about the Nature, to enable them to address the real challenges of sustainability.

    This program will be a break through to their Ecological wisdom and life perspectives when they understand the fundamental laws of nature, which are applicable to mostly all realm of life. This will increase Self-understanding, Self Esteem, Spontaneous Values, Confidence and Morally bounded Success Keys. This will reflect in their studies, personality and in their overall quality of life.

    Major topics covered.
    1.     Ecology, Deep Ecology & Olympuss.
    2.    Eco Sociology, Eco Biology, Eco Psychology & Eco Spirituality.
    3.    Eco Genesis. (The Prime and Foremost topic)
    4.    Relevance of Sustainable Communities
    5.    Q-Life : The applications of Natural Laws in Personal and Social Successive Life.

    Here we have
    1.     Discussions,
    2.     Sessions,
    3.     Songs,
    4.     Rhythmic Dances,
    5.     Physical Practices,
    6.     Dynamic Yoga,
    7.     Various Nature Meditations,
    8.     Nature Walks
    9.     And many novel practices to understand the Mind – Body – Environment coordination.

    Faculty members are from
    1.     NeoTribe Sustainable Community.
    2.    Greencross Foundation Centre for Deep Ecology.

    Participants may come from various walks of Life like
    Teachers | Scientists | Students | Doctors | Lawyers | Business People | Artists | Musicians | Philosophers | Spiritualists | Sustainable farmers | Laymen | Truth Seekers | Social Activists       

    Venue for the Next Fellowship
    Govt. L. P. School, Tharish, Karuvarakkundu, Malappuram District.
    See the Location Map

    Next Date and Time
    2017 August 11th, 4:30 PM to August 13th 3:30 PM

    Last day for Registration
    2017 August 10th 6:30PM

    Simple Community accommodation in a thatched hall only will be  provided, No division for gender, class or age will be allowed. Two Toilets and Sufficient Water etc are available.

    Very simple NON Spicy Naturally cooked Wholesome Satvik  will be provided.

    Medium of Instruction
    Malayalam & English.

    1.     For adults Rs. 850/-
    2.     For Students Rs. 600/-
    3.     Donations are accepted as this amount won’t be sufficient

    Materials to carry
    1.     Bed sheet and Blanket.
    2.     Plate and tumbler (we don’t entertain disposables).
    3.     Notebook and Pen.
    4.     Dresses to use during the river bath, if there is sufficient water.
    5.     Photocopy of ID Proof.

    1.    Ensure full course participation without break or lateness. Punctuality of timings is an essential quality for fellowship. Hence, respect timetable.
    2.    Ensure to keep the mobile phones SWITCHED OFF during the sessions & Practices to get disconnected from all routine disturbances so that one can have full presence of mind at the program.
    3.    Intoxicants, Perfumes, Disposables etc are considered hindrances to one’s own spontaneity and hence not allowed in this self exploration and meditation oriented program.
    4.    We are inculcating our own culture. In the fellowship we aim to feel the border-less oneness helping one to become humble and egoless showing the way to a share and care culture. Hence no harsh behaviors and intolerance.

    For further details of the program, mission and topics you may refer to

    1. Our Websites : http://olympuss.in, http://ml.olympuss.inhttp://en.olympuss.in

    2. Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/ greencrossfoundationindia/

    3. Event Page : https://www.facebook.com/events/490751434650676/

    4. Photos of Previous Programs : http://olympuss.in/en/en-gallery/

    To Register your Participation
    Please fill the form below, and after submitting it,
    Please do call and personally inform your interest to the phone number 9497628007.

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