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    NEOS  have the right source code in them for global harmony and peace and have the power of psychogenesis with a strong will to transform and create new  realities. They have extraordinary powers to detach from the physical realities to become pure witness and to transform the system to its default status.


    They represent Global shift in Consciousness and feel that the world should be a better place for every being to live coherently.


    They are awakened souls with intuitive intelligence who can hack the present system without creating turbulence; for they believe – conflicts beget conflicts only.


    Pro-Neos are those souls in transformation to become Powerful Neos. The may need guidance and support of Neos to find the source code latent in them.


    Together, we are creating the Neos for Neotribes in the Greencross Ecovillage.


    Identifying the Neos and Pro-Neos with one or more of the following qualities.


    1.They see abundance, in Nature, try to follow its unhindered flow of energy and materials, interested in sustainable ways of living; promote peace and happiness.


    2.They are emerging spiritual beings belonging to a higher consciousness, can meditate, can become conduits of vital energy to heal with bare hands or use natural substances/systems to heal.


    3.They believe in unconditional love, share and care participation and togetherness. They feel deeply connected and oneness with fellow beings, nature and universe and hence can sense quantum entanglement and ESP.


    4.They are straightforward people without the usual masks of status/position and love the company of like-minded and kind-heart personalities. They can find purpose in Nature, can sense coincidences and synchronicities and get communication from it as intuitions.


    5.They are extremely peaceful outside, but with a strong and compassionate heart. They can feel the sorrows and miseries in the world, but instead of creating pain bodies, they develop psychic power and will to influence and act on peaceful transformation. They emit powerful heart frequencies of love, peace and happiness to the world and become partners in Global Coherence Initiatives.


    6.They find vitality in wholesome and fresh foods, raw vegan, vegan or organic foods and shun processed, artificial and stored foods and toxic food products and additives.


    7.They enjoy the digital freedom and take the full advantage of it’s fingertip information source and freedom from the toxic mainstream media by connecting to open source.


    8.They do not mingle with egoistic people, and can sense negative vibes and move away from them. They move away from undesirable crowds and love to be in solitude with the nature more often to recharge them to gain efficiency in converting surrounding negativity in to positivity.


    9.They do not believe in the traditional schooling and feel the necessity of de-schooling, feel the necessity to rewrite applied sciences and the conventional paradigms.


    10.They do not believe in corporates and conglomerates because, these institutions have become instruments of human greed to channelize and accumulate wealth. Instead, they create microenterprises locally and support similar enterprises by networking. They are proponents of “Think Global, Act Local”.


    11.They try to delink from mainstream financial Institutions which created the vicious debt economy and believe in sacred economy -self-financing non speculative organic growth, ethical co-operatives or crowd funding instead.


    12.They stand away from print and digital media because of the negativities they propagate and the manipulative journalism they follow.


    13.They do not enjoy the present bonded employment model and coming gradually out of it to pursue their own passion or even create their own self-realizing enterprises. They like going off the grid to Nature or off the grid from consumerism and debt finance to self-sustainability & independency.


    14.They try to create their own models of participative and collaborative enterprises/startups for the equitable benefit of all the participants.


    15.Or they create selfless service enterprises to serve the underprivileged and the downtrodden.


    And, they are the wealth and treasures of human civilization and the HOPE we humans can aspire.

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