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    Independence means non-dependent. We celebrate Independence Day today. Are we really independent? Isn’t it a fallacy? We are dependent on almost everything. A minute invisible creature Corona had to appear to tell us this fact to us. Yes, when Corona imposed lockdown came, humans all over the world are wondering – can we exist independently. Theoretically, we in India attained freedom and supposed be independent since this day of 15th August 1947. Now it is time for an introspection after 75 years of independence.


    The basic question is; can we be independent? The straight answer is no. We are dependent on all the what we need. Look at the basics; the food that we used to produce now we depend on Supermarkets and MNCs, the cloth that we used to get from our local cotton growers and weavers now replaced by MNC brands, the water we used to drink from our own well or pond now coming from super market shelf and finally the oxygen from air getting privatized soon due to the bad quality it reached.


    What went wrong? We have been existing for long independently in nature. We had all these available or knew how to get it done. It is the trend of modernization and the quest for more and more freedom, that we ended up here pondering what happened. Yes, we misinterpreted freedom. We were made to believe that freedom is sitting on an easy chair and pressing a button (even that is becoming obsolete now, you can command your genie like an Alexa) to get whatever you need on your lap. So unknowingly, we have become potato couch slaves. To better put it, bonded laborers as we are born with national debt which we have to pay as tax for the whole life and the earned debt on our ego based memes that are inculcated into us as a part or modernisation lead consumerism; like for our trendy home, trendy brands and the trendy lifestyle. The fad of trendiness leads the consumerism and we all are increasingly addicted to it. This has created stress and tensions in our life and we are losing our peace and happiness. Ultimately what we lost is our independence and freedom. To cut it short, we lost our quality of self sustenance.


    Olympuss explains your integral position in the systemic thinking perspective and shows how to follow the nature’s design of Order and Rhythm and how following the natural laws can lead to a Sustainable life characterized by its peace and happiness even in negative situations that can happen. Greencross Foundation, through its Deep Ecological and Ecosophical Teachings is trying to create awareness on freedom, independence and show the way to Integrated Sustainability. That is why we are creating our model Ecovillage to facilitate imparting our teachings practically and experientially.



    Independence really means self sustainability. And self sustainability has to be achieved from within. By knowing the phenomenon of life, about it’s functional aspects, its cognitive aspects, it’s vitality states and it’s relation to all the structural states in nature. In essence.  it is Mukthi. Transformation to independence has to come from within like blooming of a flower.

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