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    Guru is the way to knowledge. Knowledge is not the information. Compilation of information can takeplace through a sense of absorption, logical capabilities, memory, and amechanical device to transmit this information. However,prime knowledge is prime intuition; whereas entity level knowledge is entitylevel intuition. Loss of Intuition takes place due to a logical bent of mind,or due to acquired logical habits becoming our rhythm. Modern culturalconditioning passed on through generations’ results in a separation between thecomprehensive senses, intuitional sense and theprime intuition. Only those cognitive entities in which the sense of rhythm andlogic is well balanced can bring about a reconciliationof all these three. Otherwise, only a guru can be a bridge to pureknowledge.

    Guru is that removes our virtual knowledge and clears the path topure, absolute knowledge.

    In olden days, tribes were thesource of knowledge on life. Until modernization brought about a distortion inour way of life, even joint families were the spaces of cognition. Whencivilization started coming in the way of spontaneousknowledge, gurukulams became a necessity to impart pure knowledge. Whencolonization and technical reformation started bringing about a civilized mode,gurukulams became institutions, leading to creation of schools. In schools,knowledge paved way for information. Sense led to intellect. Evolution wasreplaced by modifications. This led to the general conclusion among people thatinformation is knowledge, intellect is sense, modification is evolution andtechnology is science.

    Those who were aware ofspontaneity removed themselves from the above conclusions and took the path ofintuition through comprehensive sense, intuition and prime intuition accordingto their capacities and step by step in this same sequence. Based on thesayings and teachings of such persons, many removed themselves from themainstream and took to an alternative path to real knowledge and used theirsense mind in this quest.

    Due to the constant gravityacting on the logical (present state) mind-body-function, re-matured to acquireknowledge. Like conventional present day schools, conventional teaching methodslike hearsay, learning by rote weakens the path to true knowledge andstrengthens other forces. Those who have diverted from the alternative schoolsand are continuing in their search for knowledge through the senses and areready to leave their body-mind-life in the gravitational field so as to becomean extended body part of the guru – this gurukulam is meant for such.

    Here gravity (guruhood) is not a static thing but a link in the evolutionary chain.

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