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    ? Is it necessary to try to control oneself, our thoughts, our actions ? In other words, should i instruct myself what should i be doing/thinking ? 

    The self and actions are directly related to thought, so we shall think about it.

    There is no need to control our thoughts in general, though the thought of the concious mind influence nicely the actions, reactions, responses which affect the same we get in reverse from the external world. If we agree to this statement, then we will have to accept the present in an as is basis.

    ??If yes to what extend?

    If we particularly intend to have a designed, aesthetic life, the thoughts need to be modulated. But in this case also, wee need not contoll our though, instead it to be managed.

    Management of though need to be done when, the paradigm of the sub conscious mind (self image) is inadiquate. The Tradition, Child hood, Genitive Characteristics etc determine, this image..

    ??? Is it possible that our subconscious or deeper conscious will be able to do it without our conscious knowledge ? If this is possible all we need to do is say, keeping ourselves in right direction and provide a favourable environment ?

    Yes, that is called Management. There are many ways to manage the thought pattern.. According to Olympuss we can do it by crossing these levels

    ●  Gain the basic awareness logically, on the universal existence and dynamism.●  Learn and practice to be an observant, on all our thought and related actions..●  Let the temporal emotions go out and positivity come in.●  Let environmental sense/ awareness harmonize with our body and mind●  Let the thought aside and awareness rule our present.

    ???? Giving instruction ahead not always works with different kind of people, i think. And how can anyone decide what one needs and what not?

    Yes, the instructions will not work with all, but there are people who can understand ones ability, and possibility to converge, they are called gurus, and disciples would long to them, spontaneously


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